A great way to zap a few germs away!

We’ve all heard the jokes about pacifiers and parents. It usually goes something like this:

With baby #1, when the pacifier falls on the ground you take it home to sterilize it before giving it back to the baby.

With baby #2, you take the dirty pacifier, lick it off in your mouth and hand it back to the baby.

And with baby #3, you hand it to the dog and let it lick it off and then give it back to your baby. (No, that’s not really how it goes at the end, but you get the idea…)

So maybe this is a new-to-me discovery, the UV To Go Sterilizer, it is counting on that new-mom market. The Bori is the only portable pacifier sterilizer that uses UV light to clean pacifier and bottle teats. According to their website, pacifiers are one of the germiest, bacteria-laden things in your home. And this UV sterilizer, which takes all of three minutes to complete the process, removes 99.9% of bacteria and germs. That’s pretty impressive!

And while I tend on the side of “a little bacteria is good for the soul, lol”, after just finishing up several weeks of lingering colds and flu in this house, I can really understand someone wanting to take a slightly more proactive approach to battling bacteria and germs, than “sucking” the germs off of the baby’s pacifier!

The whole contraption is small, about the size of a baseball, requires 3AAA batteries and will set you back $26. And it works with almost any brand of pacifier or bottle nipple.


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