Baby bath and care

 Washing a baby in its first bath can be a bit scary and the baby might not like it at first either. It is necessary to bathe the baby consistently for practice, but not every day at it could dry the skin. About three times a week is enough for a toddler. When doing so, consider getting a small plastic baby bath to stick inside a full bath,or a padded mat such as our baby flower bath, comfortable and soothing for any baby to be bathed in. (Check it out at:


Put in the baby’s tub water that should be 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit; anything over 100 degrees risks scalding. To get out any hot spots in the water, stick a hand in and move it around to even it out. With the baby in the bath, use just one arm to carefully hold onto the baby's back, head, and neck while bathing it with the other arm. The baby is given a sponge bath rather than a regular dunking bath, so have the water only about two inches full. (Note: Never even leave the baby alone, even for a few seconds. They can drown in a tiny bath.)


To clean the baby, use plain water and use the clean sponge or washcloth to brush or wipe under the arms, behind the ears, the neck, between the fingers and toes, and around where the diaper is worn. Have the baby wrapped in a towel and lay it on its back. Start with their face and move down the body. After gently scrubbing down everything, rinse the baby, and take the baby out of the tub carefully while wrapping it around a dry towel.


If there is any hair that needs to be washed, hold the head back slightly as a dot of shampoo is squeezed upon. Foam with water, scrub it in very gently, rinse the shampoo off with a wet washcloth, and dry with a towel. There is also concern about working with a baby’s genitalia. With a girl, wipe front to back; with a boy, until the circumcision fully heals, avoid the area. Otherwise, wash as normal. Once finished, dry and wrap them in a towel quickly, as they can get cold.


Baby bathing is a tricky because of how careful one has to be. They have to make sure they are comfortable in warm water while they get cleaned up. When finished, be careful because babies are as slippery as a bar of soap. The end result, however, is a clean, warm baby. Get a tub that the baby will fit in and be comfortable with, such as the baby flower bath, padded and in different colors, and serves as a multi-use mat. It is all to make the bathing experience easier.


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