Ideas for a less stress Christmas for mom

Tis the season!

1) Limit how many and how much:

I love presents–giving them and getting them.  But a number of years ago I heard someone say that a good thing to aim for is to give only three gifts to each child .  The reasoning behind this is pretty obvious….if three gifts were enough for Jesus, then shouldn’t they be enough for us?

This doesn't have to be a steadfast rule but the point here is there is no need to have piles and piles of presents under the tree for each person in order to celebrate Christmas.  Really, the more gifts there are, the more distracting the gift giving becomes to everyone. Never mind the stress of having to pay off those Christmas bills months after Christmas!

2) Spread it out

In many ways the energy of Christmas morning is really exciting.  Kids wake up at 6 am (if they ever go to sleep) and parents stumble out of bed after staying up until 2 am wrapping gifts!

Well, the excitement wears out pretty quickly and soon everyone has crashed either on a couch, recliner or the floor! And the living room looks like a bomb went off......

What we have done in our family is spread Christmas out of several days!

We typically let the kids open a gift on Christmas Eve and then one present a day there after until we hit day 12 ( Twelve days of Christmas ) :-)

This really has helped us to ease the craziness of the Christmas rush. Its is also a huge help if you have relatives or friends that you like to visit on Christmas day as well.

For us this has really worked.  Mom and Dad  are not up until all hours of the morning wrapping gifts, and if you haven’t found a few things that you were hoping to get, then you can still buy and wrap even a day or two after Christmas.

Never mind the fact that the after Christmas sales can be a huge money saver!

3) Adopt someone in need

A great way to feel less stress and actually feel great around Christmas is to help someone in need! Find that family that is having a rough time, or maybe that lonely widower down the street. You don't have to spend a fortune on them, but just having someone show that there are people out there that care can make all the difference in the world!

These are just a few ideas that can help. Christmas is an amazing time of year and we hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!



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