Indoor play ideas for winter!

Indoor Entertainment for Little Ones!


As we find ourselves in the depths of winter it becomes increasingly difficult to find suitable activities that won't give the baby a head cold! Gone are the long summer strolls to the park, instead its been replaced with bundling the little ones outside to play... Winter is a hard time for mothers... with children under their feet twenty-four hours a day because it's too damp or cold to play outside... so what do you do? Due to the cold and weather you can't wrap your toddler up and just send them out to the yard, and nor can you (or should you) switch on the ipad or tv and sit them in front of it for hours and hours. Children need to be active, and Destination Baby have some wonderful products to keep your little ones happy during these long and dreary winter nights.


The most obvious thing you can do to keep the kiddies occupied during winter is to organize some family games. A board game night is a good idea for the older children, but how do you keep the baby involved? Well, there are a number of baby-friendly activities out there. You could make a water table, use a little flour and water to make a non-toxic dough to play with, you can occupy the littlest one with soap bubbles, with sensory lights, and with make-believe games. Styrofoam stickers and a play mat are another idea, as young children will spend hours placing and peeling the stickers...go figure.


Destination Baby has a few ideas of their own. A ball pit is one of their best. Children young and older will love it. You set the 'tent' up in a bedroom and fill it with the plastic balls (which are baby-proof, by the way) and let the kids entertain themselves for hours on end. The only foreseeable problem with this playset ball pit is that the family dog may get a bit excited and thieve the balls. Best of all it's suitable for all the kiddies, although of course, the baby will need to be supervised.


If ball pits aren't your thing then a playhouse might be a better idea for you. These miniature houses are perfect for clubhouses (no parents allowed, of course), for creating make-believe dens, and are the modern day, mess-friendly versions of the blanket fort. Kids love them, adults love them, everyone is happy. Toddlers can be passed into the care of older children since no parents can go into the clubhouse, and then you can get some housework done until one of them starts screaming that their brother has hit them...


So if you are looking for ideas on keeping the little ones occupied this winter then look no farther, Destination Baby has you covered – and not only for toys and indoor stuff either. They are a good one-stop-shop for clothing and accessories too, and offer good prices in a steadily more expensive world. If you shop now you will also be entitled to the post-Christmas discount, making it even more worth your while. So go on; treat yourself... because everyone deserves at least a little peace and quiet this winter!


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