Potty training for boys. Frog urinal.

Potty training for boys


Potty training is critical for your child, as it’s one of those pivotal things that your boy will have to learn early during his life. But when should you focus on potty training your child? The best thing you can do is to start this process when your son is interested and physically able to do it. Some boys are ok at 18-20 months; others will end up being ready after they are 3 years old. Don’t rush the process.

Watching and learning

An imperative thing here is to have your child see you use the bathroom. As you know, toddlers learn by imitating, and imitating his parents will be the way to achieve the much-wanted result. If your child sees that mommy and daddy go to the bathroom in a different manner, this is the best way to talk about the basic mechanics behind potty training. Bottom line, there are no age limits when it comes to potty training for boys. As long as your child is interested in the topic, that’s the best time to start potty training!

Purchase the right equipment

Naturally, you can’t start potty training for boys without the proper equipment. There are lots of models you can use. You may opt for a standard potty, but there are some things like the toddler size frog potty, that can make potty training a breeze. No matter what option you choose, you don’t want to rush your child into potty training.

Making your child comfortable with the potty

You can customize the potty if you want, add some stickers. Make it feel personal like it belongs to him. Let him sit on it with the clothes on and after a while, suggest that he should try using it with the pants down. Don’t pressure if he doesn’t want it, just try it again some other time. You can use some cool underwear to motivate your child. And, while there, you may want to opt for a training schedule.

Get some disposable training pants and make sure that you clean them properly if there are any accidents. You will note that there will still be a need for diapers, so keep that in mind. If you want to potty train your child properly, keep him away from any distractions.

Sitting and standing can be easy to learn. Just show him how you do that on the toilet and make him repeat on the potty. Setting aside some naked time will come in handy too. If there is a triumph, celebrate it. If there are mistakes, don’t let them put you down. You will always be able to succeed next time.

If you opt for getting a urinal like the model above, you will see that the value ends up being a lot better in the end. This will allow you to potty train your child a lot faster. He will just follow your lead, which offers a much better potty training experience in the end. So, do try and give the frog urinal a shot, as this will make potty training so much easier!


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